Collection: Rebecca Browning - Best Rhinoplasty Of The Year 2023

Rebecca has worked in the NHS for 13+ years to date. She was a Sister for 9+ years, during her nursing career she has managed several large services including Oral Medicine, Paediatrics, Oncology and Theatres in one of the UK’s largest hospitals as well operational and strategical management roles for 4+ years ensuring a safe and efficient service for patients.

From her studies and career, she has medical and anatomical knowledge which supports the safe practice of cosmetic injectables and is extensively trained in health, safety and life support.

Rebecca is an advocate for safety in aesthetics and injectables and prides herself on her patient care.

She is always on hand to offer support to other practitioners/colleagues who may need advice to ensure their patients receive the best level of care.

Rebecca has a true passion for Aesthetics and the good it can do for patient confidence and overall well-being for men and women alike.